My name is Rachel Madden – a teacher, wife, and stay-at-home mother of twins.


 You would think the task of feedings, dirty diapers, and “I hate teething” along with running the  household, attempting to cook (my stomach hurts just thinking of the inevitable fail), exercise (where did I hide that candy again?) church and bible study would be enough for me.


However, my type-a, task-oriented, achievement-driven self needs another outlet. Oh wait, that’s what my psychiatrist told me…who also said I had one of two choices – write a book or start a blog. Considering the latter seemed less intimidating, here I am.


I was born a rule-follower and overachiever. Some may say this makes the Christian life easier, but I would challenge that. I spent many years seeking “goodness” but not necessarily godliness.


My father’s job moved us all across the country until we landed in Chicago when I was 15, away from our southern, Floridian roots.


After a bout with bulimia in undergrad, I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. I struggled with acceptance for a long time, but through therapy and occasional outpatient services I finally succumbed to – gasp – medicine –which has made me a better wife, mother, friend, and human being.


I married my college sweetheart in June of 2009 promising to love him and the Windy City forever as long as I can visit the south as much as possible. We gave birth to our children Miles and Norah in February of 2014.


Now that our lives have been turned upside down, we cycle from “What were we thinking?” to “We are so blessed!” to “No seriously, what were we thinking?!” Amidst the constant changes in my life, including those rollercoaster emotions, I am ever-so-thankful that God does not change. Did I just hear an “Amen?”


So with that, welcome to the crazyMADDENing world.


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