For all you mamas out there – whether it’s your first or your last – I hope this information is helpful for advice and registry ideas. Numbers are based on twins, but if you’re having a singleton, simply cut it in half. 


If you’re planning to nurse/pump, make sure you register for bottles that attach directly to your pump. It will make your life way easier! Some that I know for sure fit the *Medela pump are Dr. Brown’s, Gerber, Evenflo and Medela.

*You should be able to get this free through your insurance. There are a few hoops to jump through but I literally received a 300 dollar Medela pump for FREE – zero cost.

Bottles – If you’re mostly bottle-feeding, get enough to cover you for 24-48 hours, that’s 16-32 bottles. Since I nursed, we only had about 8, which was more than fine.

Many people recommend Dr. Brown’s bottles.


They’re supposed to be the best in terns of reducing extra air and therefore gas or burping.

Their bottle fits right into a Medela pump – perfect if you’re planning to nurse.


They have more parts than the average bottle.

They are more expensive.

We registered for them. Although I was going to nurse, I knew I wanted the babies to be able to take from me and a bottle. Before opening the Dr. Brown’s bottles they took a cheaper Gerber bottle and had zero problems. We decided to take all the Dr. Brown’s back since they are more expensive and could use the money for other things.

Bobby Pillows – 2

Great for propping during feedings and tummy time. If you’re planning to nurse, I would get an extra large nursing pillow. I have the Brest Friend and love it.

Tandem nursing will save you tons of time! Feel free to contact me with questions or advice for nursing twins. It IS possible!

Burp rags – LOTS

Bibs – LOTS and lots of bibs! Before solids, we used regular cotton bibs, mostly Carters brand. Once foods come into play Bumpkins is my absolutely favorite brand! You can wipe off and reuse for at least a couple of meals.

High Chairs – 2

We chose the Fisher Price Space Saver high chairs that attach to your chairs to maximize our current kitchen space.

Bottle Drying Rack

If you’re nursing, it’s optional. Since I mostly breastfeed a simple drying mat next to the sink worked great.

Bottle Brush – 1


Pack n Plays – 2

Originally the kids slept in a pack n play together. Once they grew out of it, one slept in a bassinet and the other in the pack n play. I recommend two for traveling purposes if you plan to take them places while they’re young. You can always get the second one at a multiples or garage sale for much cheaper.


Cribs – 2

We got convertible cribs and ordered ours from Wayfair for solid wood but a cheaper price.

We refurbished an old tall dresser and bought a long dresser off Craiglist to work as a changing table and dress combination.

Mobiles – optional

We didn’t get mobiles as we decided we wanted the crib to be associated with sleep and not play. However, we did get a pair of Fisher-Price glow worms that the kids had in their bed around 6 months and still do. One of the best gifts we received!

Mattresses – 2

We went middle of the road, not the cheapest but not the most expensive. You want it firm; the more coils the better the quality.

Mattress covers – 2

These go under the sheets for added protection from accidents.


Sheets – 6 or more

We chose not to get typical bedding as you’re not supposed to use bumpers or big blankets anyway. When they transition to toddler beds, we may get something cute. I simply registered for various colored sheets that matched the theme of the nursery. I centered the theme around an art piece I found.

Blankets/receiving blankets

If there’s a print you really like, feel free to register for it. Blankets are popular gifts so you probably will get a lot of them anyway; don’t register for much.


Sound machine – 1

The white noise is a part of our nap and night time routine.


Monitor – 1

Look for one that allows two cameras to function with one monitor. We chose to get the Summer Infant Dual video Monitor. I know people are very happy with the Motorola brands as well.


I recommend Soothie brand. They make WubbaNubs with a cute animal attached you can get on Amazon. I also think babies who use soothies get off pacifiers sooner than those who use typical pacifiers. That is simply from observation and personal opinion, however.

Swaddle Me’s – 3-4 each child, both small and medium  

These swaddlers with velcros made night feedings and changings so much easier! For regular swaddling blaknets, Aiden and Anais are the best by far.

Once the kids broke out of their swaddles, we went to Halo Sleep Sacks. It helped with a smoother transition for the crib as well. I would recommend 4 for each child, 4 smalls and 4 mediums.


On The Go

Baby Carriers – 1 or 2?

Go to the store and try these out first. Better yet, wait until you have the kids and borrow a friend’s to see what works best for you. Then use leftover gift cards to purchase the one you like. It could be that one child likes one brand better than another.

The Bjorn and the Ergo Baby are the most popular. We ordered an Ergo Baby but neither child really loved it. Moby Wraps are also well-known.


Car Seats – 2

Although Graco and Britax are also popular, we went with the Chicco Key Fit 30 car seats for a of couple reasons. 1, consumer reports. 2, they snap directly into the tandem (front/back) Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller.

Make an appointment and get your car seats put in by the fire department. They will show you how to do the safest job.

Strollers – 2 if you can afford it

Some twin moms recommend the Double Snap N Go for the first year. Although there is nothing wrong with it, we decided against it for a couple reasons:

  1. It doesn’t actually snap, you have to tie/rope it in.

  2. If you tap the bottom of the car seat while it’s in the snap n go, it easily can be tipped out of place.

  3. It can only be used for the first year and it’s 100 dollars. The Chicco Cortina Together double stroller is 300.

 Although that is still 200 dollars more, it is a double tandem stroller you can forever use for stores and such when they are bigger. It’s been great this first year using it as a travel system where we can literally snap them in, and later it will be good for stores and when we go to small/tight places.

We also got a side by side stroller. With everything we read, it seemed like the side by side was the way to go. As the twins get older, the one in the back doesn’t have as much space and they want to be next to each other. So our actual stroller was the Double City Mini GT. Although it was a large expense, gift cards covered most of it. It is amazing because it is a very smooth, all-terrain ride. I can walk the dog and push them very easily at the same time. It also folds up completely flat with a simple grab of a handle.



Have both preemie and newborn diapers ready.



Pampers worked best for us in the beginning. Now we use Costco or Target Diapers during the day and Huggies or Pampers 12 hour diapers at night.


We Kirkland wipes from Costco or Pampers/Huggies. We’ve also used Target brands. In my opinion, wipes are wipes are wipes. If you find the bottom is sensitive, use Pampers sensitive wipes or something similar.


Diaper Cream

Triple paste is the best! Some people swear by Butt Paste or Desitin. Others like the Honest Company.


Changing pads – 2

I found having two changing stations made life easier. We don’t have an actual changing table, but use other furniture to create stations.


Changing pad covers – 3


Waterproof Diaper pads – 6 or more

You willl want to put these underneath the changing pad covers and underneath the bassinet/pack n play/crib sheets.


Diaper Genie – 1


Diaper Caddy – 1 or 2


J.J. Cole makes a great Diaper and Wipe Caddy that we use in the family room. In the nursery, we use the top drawer of the dresser for the diapers and wipes. You could also use baskets or small bins.


Diaper Bag – 1

So many options here! We went with the Skip Hop Duo Double. It’s big but holds it all! When I’m going to the gym or just running a small errand, I keep a smaller drawstring bag ready with just diapers, wipes, a snack and extra pair of clothes. Anytime we are leaving for more than a couple hours the Skip Hop bag is packed!


Swing – 1

You can get 2 if you would like, but if you have a few other places for the kids to hang you really only need one. Start the sharing early on! J

Some people love the new Mamaroo. We don’t have one but it’s something to look into if you’re interested. It’s a bouncer-type swing combination that does all kinds of crazy movements. The price, however, wasn’t moving.


Fisher Price Rock n Play – 2

These are wonderful! Some people choose to sleep their kids in these because they can slide right next to the bed. I recommend them for the family room for naps and hang out, especially before their napping in their cribs.

I would NOT recommend these for sleeping because it’s better for their backs to be on a flat surface and the transition from the Rock n Play to a crib is not fun – I speak from experience! They are good for sleeping if the babies are congested and need an inclined surface.

Activity Mat – 1 or 2


Bouncer – ?

Looking back, instead of a bouncer I would have registered for 2 Fisher Price portable rockers. They work from newborn to toddler. My parents got some for their house and we took them! They are perfect to buckle them in for a bottle or for you to run and grab something in another room once they’re mobile.

Bumbos – 1 or 2

Our babies didn’t end up liking the Bumbo so we took one back. Some people love them.


Exersaucer/Jumpers – 2

You can register for one and borrow/buy a cheap one for the second. These are lifesavers though and sometimes you’re only chance to eat a meal without stopping.


 Nose Frida – 1 or 2

The best thing for congestion and snot-sucking.


Digital Thermometer – 1


Nail Clippers


Bath wash and lotion

I love Aveeno. Johnson and Johnson used to get slack for something in their ingredients but they no longer use it and now their products are safe.


Tub – 1

There are many options here. We went with a simple Fisher Price one here.

 Wash cloths – 10 or more


Hooded Towels – 6 or more


Spout cover – Optional


Tub toys


Tub toy holder



Closet Organizers – 2

I got these for both of the kids. I am Type-A, but I loved the fact I could organize their hang-up clothes in a systematic fashion. If you’re like me, you will love these!–Closet-Organizers/dp/B00005BU51/ref=sr_1_1?s=baby-products&ie=UTF8&qid=1421978551&sr=1-1&keywords=clothing+organizer+by+month

Pajamas/Onesies – at least 15 pieces for each stage, i.e. 0-3, 3-6, etc.

Your babies will live in onesies or sleeper pajamas when they are born. We had winter babies, so although they were swaddled, they still slept in full pajamas. Once the weather was warmer they slept in onesies along with the swaddle. Carters is by far better than Gerber in my opinion.

Register for some of these pajamas so people know what you’re looking for when they shop. As far as cute clothes, you will get a lot of those regardless. DO NOT take any of the tags off because you may find they don’t even get to wear the clothes before they grow out of it. Unless you’re going somewhere, they really live in their pajamas in the beginning.

Hints and Tips

Have your shower at least 2 months in advance so you can enjoy it. Remember, the average twins come at 36 weeks, and 38 weeks is considered full-term.

Bring bins to the shower to make taking items home easier.

Consider a diaper raffle. You will go through all of them before you know it!

At your shower, have the following helpers:

  • A person who writes down what you got and who its from

  • A person who takes the receipt and TAPES it to the item/s

  • A person who organizes the stuff into bigger bins

Don’t wash all the clothes right away. You never know what you won’t use and will need to return!


I’m sure there’s much more, but this is all I can think of for now. Anyone have things they would add to the list? Comments and let me know!


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